How to get better and get good at doing better

Why are people scared of making mistakes? Why are we scared of failure?
It is time to realize that making mistakes is part of living; it is inevitable. When we make mistakes, we learn, and we grow. Mistakes are where the errors of the past become the wisdom for the future. As Eckhart Tolle puts it “It is through the mistakes that the greatest learning happens on an inner level.”

In a fast-moving world, it is important to learn from our past mistakes, look at our challenges and understand why we did things the way we did.

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review – taking responsibility for one’s failures increases the chances of improving one’s performance in subsequent challenges. The study showed that those who took responsibility for the faults of their first task, perform their second task better.

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Noam Gershony, an ex-pilot in the Israeli Air Force and a Paralympic champion, relays an exciting lecture that reveals the secrets of debriefing, asking yourself the right questions and overcoming future challenges. This special technique is used in the Israeli Air Force and Noam explains how to adopt these practices in your organization and how it could benefit all.

Building an organizational infrastructure that encourages constant learning from the past, promotes transparency, prevents cover-ups, and develops a culture of taking responsibility instead of blaming others is crucial.

In his lecture, Noam discusses:

  1. How do we learn from mistakes to improve ourselves?
  2. How do we learn from our successes so that we will be able to preserve and grow with them?
  3. What questions should we ask ourselves to get better and faster
  4. Who need it? When?
  5. Is it even worth it?