A very warm recommendation*

Our annual kickoff on “get ready to reach for the stars” was held yesterday. When searching for a guest speaker, I found Noam Gershony, and I thought no story was more appropriate for our subject than Noam’s. I was right big-time. His lecture was interesting and captivating and moved us to tears while simultaneously being hilarious. Noam himself is gorgeous! Our people sat there, entranced, and I still hear the echoes of their reactions in our hallways. If you are seeking a truly inspirational lecture that’s not annoying, this lecture is a must!

Illy Katabi
Human Resources at Siklu

“There is no doubt that in these times, your lecture has turned from being more important than ever to being important like no other lectures, regarding what we have and don’t. Your story is one of determination, leadership, persistence, and willpower – essential traits in life in general and especially in our times. The amount of feedback we received on your lecture speaks for itself.”

Sharon Alon
CEO of the Crown Plaza network

Using humor and realism, Noam successfully shares insight and tools he picked up along the way with his audience. He does so from a place of approachability, openness, and connectedness without using difficult words. This is a lecture on determination, peak moments, and decision-making.
Our employees’ feedback was touching, and there is no doubt that this lecture’s success was huge after a year packed with virtual ones.
I believe the lecture can be appropriate for various audiences, each relating to its content from different angles.
I warmly recommend it.

Shai Zeligman
Wellbeing & Community Partner

“On behalf of the General Motors employees and myself, I would like to thank you for a stimulating and facilitating an hour of inspiration!

Although this lecture was a virtual one (adhering to COVID restrictions), during that  time we were glued to our screens and it was not affected in the slightest to pay attention and following along with his story – we listened eagerly. We laughed. We cried. We admired. And, we received and developed a new perspective on life.

Noam is charming, eloquent, patient, delightful, sensitive… It was pure pleasure to hear his story. Our employees attended a considerable number of lectures in the past year, and I think that today I received the most comments on how enlightening and motivating it was

I believe this lecture is a must for every organization.”

Dana Yitzhari
Employee Experience Manager General Motors

Noam arrived at our mechina (pre military religious academy program) on June 6th, 2021, to give a lecture to the mechina’s students, just before the end of the year and the beginning of their military service. In his lecture, Noam told his personal story from his military service, his injury, and his period of recovery and coping.
As an educational institution that encourages service in the IDF, we must expose our students to the difficult sides that can be part of serving the country and the willpower required to cope with them. In his lecture, Noam honestly and movingly discussed the many difficulties he faced along the way and the will he needed to muster in order to overcome them. It was conveyed realistically and humorously. The students left the lecture with a new conception of the difficulties and challenges that life, specifically military service, can present. Still, I feel they are much more prepared to deal with the challenges in their lives, regardless of what kind they are. I warmly recommend him.

Elad Schreier
Dean of the “Melach Haaretz” Pre-Military Mechina.

I had the pleasure of attending Noam Gershony’s moving lecture. Noam, an ex-pilot injured in an Apache helicopter crash in the Second Lebanon War, describes his recovery, a story that ends six years later with a gold Olympic medal.
But the path… the path to his recovery was paved with pain and crises, and Noam succeeded in coping with them and standing on his two feet again – pun intended. Noam and his inspiring personal story allow us to realize that everything is possible – that nothing is stronger than our will. Even on his darkest days, his motivation to accept change is what allowed him to cope.

Vered Adler
Senior Executive – VP at Israco.